I have had three careers so far, a short one in architecture, a longer one in film-making, and a continuing one in teaching.

After studying architecture at Sydney University in the early 1970s, I spent a short time with the NSW Government Architect’s Branch, working on heritage buildings and school projects. Then a long-standing interest in film gradually drew me away and I became a freelance film-maker for the next twenty years, writing and directing documentaries; these included films for the Prisoners’ Action Group and a film about a Sydney landmark, the Anthony Hordern & Sons department store, made with Mark Jackson. I also worked as a writer on a number of unproduced drama projects, the exception being the script for Heatwave, directed by Philip Noyce and produced by Hilary Linstead.

I began teaching part-time in the early 1990s, first in film and later in architecture and design. I became a full-time lecturer in the UTS interior design program in 1998 and remained there until the end of 2010. Along the way I completed my doctorate, on John Ruskin’s reception in nineteenth-century Australia, under Peter Kohane and Catherine De Lorenzo at UNSW. I also learned to draw again.

Now I am continuing to teach part-time at various design schools in Sydney, and devoting more time to my writing and drawing.